MicroTCA Systems

RedLinX® offers a variety of MicroTCA (PICMG MTCA.0) systems.

MRDPMicroTCA™ FPGA Rapid Development Platform

Click here for an overview of all FPGA & DSP products from Bittware (2.2 MB download).

This is an illustrative sample of the products we have available. Feel free to contact us at sales@redlinx·co·za for information on more options to meet your requirements.

MRDP: MicroTCA™ FPGA Rapid Development Platform

Key features:

  • 1U chassis providing 6 mid-size (3 full size) AMC slots
  • Up to 6 BittWare FPGA-based AdvancedMCs
  • Switchless system option provides custom backplane to allow direct connection of all AMC boards in chassis
  • Switched system option provides standard backplane supporting switch fabrics such as PCI Express, 10 GigE, and Serial RapidIO
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