AcroPack™ Products

RedLinX® offers a variety of add-on daughterboards in the form of AcroPack™ modules.

AcroPack™ I/O cards have an overall board length of 70mm. This is 19.05mm longer than the full length mini PCIe card at 50.95mm. They keep the same mPCIe board width of 30mm and use the same mPCIe standard board hold down standoff and screw keep out areas. Each AcroPack™ card includes a down facing Samtec connector that mates with the carrier card. Fifty signals are available as field I/O signals. Pin spacing and signal assignments allow for 100V of signal to signal isolation. The AcroPack™ maintain the same functionality and memory map of the existing IP Modules providing our existing customers a smooth transition to the AcroPack™ I/O modules.

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