Chassis Kits

Elma is the expert in all things related to electronic packaging. Thanks to a modular approach that leverages a vast inventory of standard components, Elma can quickly and easily implement a scalable, robust subrack, card cage or rack-mount chassis for use in just about any industry or environment: industrial automation, test & measurement, transportation, energy, defense, communications and medical. We achieve cost-effective production even in small to medium volumes.

Elma’s 19" subracks and chassis are made of either aluminum or steel, with options for cooling, EMC, shock & vibration, and to comply with specific standards requirements.

Our Eurocard-based enclosures are available for most major bus architectures (VPX, VME, CPCI, ATCA, uTCA, AXIe, COMe).

Slimkit 1019" EMC chassis 1U
Magic/Spirit Kit 11Shielded sub racks for VME/cPCI Applications
Systemkit 12KEMC Sub-rack for CPCI/VME/VME64X
Unibox 14Desktop/Rackmount Case

This is an illustrative sample of the products we have available. Feel free to contact us at sales@redlinx·co·za for information on more options to meet your requirements.

Slimkit 10: 19" EMC chassis 1U

Key features include:

  • 19" EMC chassis 1U
  • Basic model can be transformed into a complete case by adding a rear panel, top cover as well as a mounting chassis
  • Design allows numerous combinations to be assembled according to the application
  • Hard and wear resistant aluminum front panel
  • With or without perforations for optimized thermal solution
  • EMC-Slimkit 10 can be presented in a number of attractive finishes for individual product tailoring

Magic/Spirit Kit 11: Shielded sub racks for VME/cPCI Applications

Key features include:

  • 3 U or 6 U
  • Width: 84 HP
  • 240 mm, 300 mm or 390 mm depth
  • Advanced EMC shielding without gaskets is standard
  • Internal adaption parts freely accessible
  • Rapid assembly
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Sheet steel, pre-galvanized
  • Vibration-proof
  • Dimensions and adaptations according to IEC 60297
  • Suitable for IEC 60297 or IEEE 1101.10
  • Numerous accessories
  • Vertical and horizontal card mounting

Systemkit 12K: EMC Sub-rack for CPCI/VME/VME64X

Key features include:

  • 3 U, 4 U, 6 U, 7 U, 9 U
  • 291 mm, 371 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm
  • VME, VME64x or CPCI applications
  • Rear I/O card mounting possible
  • EMC basic level reached (Without EMC gaskets)
  • Platform basis for modified standards
  • EMC Shielding

Unibox 14: Desktop/Rackmount Case

Key features include:

  • Usable as sub rack or as desktop case
  • Card mounting from front and back
  • Dimensions according to IEC 60297
  • Numerous adaptation options
  • The extruded aluminum frame can be used as a sub rack or, when clad with a set of easily fitted cover plates, transformed into a small table-top instrument case
  • Rack mount complete with cover plates possible
  • Panels and modules can be mounted from the front or the back
  • Adaptation kits available for mounting modules
  • Fitting of telescopic rails or guide rails only possible for 81 HP (upon request only)
  • Can be employed as a desktop case or sub rack for mounting in 19"" cabinets
  • In either configuration it will accept PCBs and plug-in units based on standard card sizes conforming to DIN 41494 or IEC 60297
  • Recessed mounting with a pitch of 7.5 mm is possible
  • With metal cover plates fitted, the sub rack is suitable for use where it is subjected to continuous vibration
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