Compact Processor Boards

Our industrial PC motherboards and single board computers are available in a vast range of sizes including :

  • Mini-ITX (170 mm x 170 mm)
  • Em-ITX (170 mm x 120 mm)
  • 3.5" Embedded (146 mm x 102 mm)
  • Nano-ITX (120 mm x 120 mm)
  • Pico-ITX (100 mm x 72 mm)
  • Qseven (70 mm x 70 mm)

Many of these processor boards are not only extremely power efficient but also support fanless configurations for higher reliability.

The VIA processors also implement the VIA Advanced Cryptographic Engine (ACE) designed to handle powerful encryption algorithms such as AES, SHA-1, SHA-256, etc. For more information on the ACE-CNX service, click here.

For larger motherboards, see our server section's Intel motherboards.

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