PICMG 1.2 System Host Boards

RedLinX® offers PICMG 1.2 System Host Board (SHB) processor boards for passive PCI/PCI-X backplane architectures.

Click here for a list of compatible backplanes.

This is an illustrative sample of the products we have available. Feel free to contact us at sales@redlinx·co·za for information on more options to meet your requirements.

ROBO-8820VG2: Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor SHB

Key features:

  • Intel® E7501 chipset for optimizing system bus, memory and I/O bandwidth to deliver enhanced performance and scalability
  • Dual PICMG 1.2 compliant PCI-X bus for higher expandability
  • Intel® 82546 dual port Gigabit Ethernet controller for the best network throughput
  • Reliable design for high processing performance dual Intel® Xeon™ processor
  • High speed DDR ECC registered SDRAM memory for data sensitive application
  • ATI Rage XL graphics chip with 8MB memory provides the best 2D and 3D performance in entry-level class
  • Rich expansion capability through proprietary HL expansion connector
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