PC/104 Interface Boards

NIM355StackPC-PCI Interface Module

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NIM355: StackPC-PCI Interface Module

NIM355 Interface Module is implemented in accordance with the StackPC-PCI standard and is designed for the use in embedded systems with CAN networks and represents a 4-channel CAN-interface module, which makes it possible to additionally connect up to 4 digital I/O lines and 4 digital output lines.

Key features:

  • PCI System Bus: 32 bit/33 MHz
  • 4×CAN channels, 4×Digital Input Channels, 4×Digital Output Channels
  • Compatibility with OS: Windows XPe, Linux 2.6.x, QNX 6.5
  • Dimensions: no more than 90,2×95,9×23,5 mm
  • Weight: no more than 120 g
  • Operating temperature range: –40…+85°С
  • Power supply: power supply voltage of +5 V ± 5%, and current consumption: no more than 300 mA
  • MTBF: no less than 170 000 hours
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