PC/104 Power Supply Boards

PS351PC/104 Power Supply module
PS352StackPC-PCI Power Supply Module

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PS351: PC/104 Power Supply module

PS351 is a PC/104Plus power supply module optimized for use in unmanned systems operating in hard to reach areas, for autonomous systems powered from solar cell panels, for battery powered vehicle systems, for systems operating in extreme environments.

Key features:

  • Ambient temperature monitoring, fan and heater control within programmable temperature ranges from –50°C
  • System events logging with time and date reference
  • Watchdog timer with output power control functions
  • Automatic switching to a redundant power source
  • Scheduled switching on/off
  • Security functions for switched off system

PS352: StackPC-PCI Power Supply Module

  • This Power Supply Module is implemented in StackPC-PCI form-factor. The device is optimally suited for distributed supply systems based on the technology of power supply transfer via Ethernet - PoE (Power over Ethernet) networks, made for operation in harsh environments.
  • Key features:

    • StackPC-PCI form-factor
    • Input voltage: 9–36 V; Output voltage: 48 V ± 5%
    • Module’s power supply without load: 2.4 W
    • Maximum output power: 75 W
    • Galvanic isolation input/output: 1500 V
    • Overload and overheating protection
    • Operating temperature range: from –40°С to + 85°С
    • (with the reduction of output power)
    • Vibration resistance:5g, Single shock resistance: 100g
    • Multiple shock resistance: 50g
    • MTBF: 500 000
    • Dimensions, no more than: 96×91×22.5 mm
    • Weight: no more than 185 g.
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