3U VPX Chassis

ATRATS06IVNFHTNC4½ ATR, 3U OpenVPX Chassis Platform

Note that chassis dimensions are specified in rack units (U) for height and horizontal pitch (HP) for width.

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This is an illustrative sample of the products we have available. Feel free to contact us at sales@redlinx·co·za for information on more options to meet your requirements.

ATRATS06IVNFHTNC4: ½ ATR, 3U OpenVPX Chassis Platform

Key features:

  • 1/2 ATR Tall, Short
  • Advanced airflow design distributes air across external fins in sidewalls
  • 6 Slot, 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) backplane, 1" pitch
  • Meets ARINC 404A and ANSI/VITA 48.2
  • Aluminum dip-brazed design to meet rugged environments
  • Low weight, ideal for weight critical applications
  • Accommodates fix mount or plug-in 28VDC power supplies
  • Optimized power supply and line filter combination to meet MIL-STD 461E
  • Customized front I/O panel (TBD)
  • No Device Mounting
  • 2 x 12VDC fans @51 CFM each
  • 400W fixed mount 28VDC power supply
  • Also available with 3U cPCI and MicroTCA backplanes
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