6U VPX Backplanes

65M60-305-1b206U OpenVPX 5-Slot Backplane, Full Mesh
MGxxxxxxxxxxxxVPX Cable Assemblies

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65M60-305-1b20: 6U OpenVPX 5-Slot Backplane, Full Mesh

Key features:

  • Topology: Full Mesh
  • VPX Backplane Profile compliant to the VITA 65 specification: BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16.n
  • Supports subsidiary specifications for protocols: Serial Rapid IO (VITA 46.3), PCI Express (VITA 46.4) and Ethernet (VITA 46.7)
  • Highly flexible allowing applications to dictate the necessary fabric mapping
  • High-speed Multi-gig connector in mesh topology
  • Rugged Eurocard form factor in 6U height
  • Designed to support Rear Transition Modules according to the VITA 46.10 specification
  • Universal Ground Pattern according to the VITA 65 (OpenVPX)
  • System Management interface on the backplane

MGxxxxxxxxxxxx: VPX Cable Assemblies

The VPX cabling system is the industry’s first direct cabling system for the VPX architecture. Compliant to the latest VITA 46 specifi cations, the cabling system can be used for IO to bulkhead connectors, slot-to-slot connections, and out-of-band communication. The cabling solution can also be used for system development. The direct cabling system also has front-plug versions, which allow testing across the backplane or full interconnect path.

Key features:

  • Direct connection alternative to RTM solutions for VPX
  • Compatible with the latest VITA 46.0 specifi cations
  • For use in deployed or development/test applications
  • Pulls signals from slot to slot and/or chassis to chassis with virtually zero signal degradation
  • Fully scalable & stackable to meet application needs
  • Versions for either front or rear backplane plugging
  • Plug directly into backplane to SMA or other contacts for signal test setups
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Can be used for out-of-band communication
  • Many possible configurations:
    • Wafer to wafer
    • Wafers to RJ45
    • Wafers to 38999 Circular Connector
    • Wafers to SMA
  • Accessories available: Shroud kits, locking rail kits, guide post kits, positioning plugs & stiffeners
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