Engineering Projects

RedLinX Production and Engineering Division has expertise in electronic, mechanical and systems engineering in order to meet specialised product requirements in both small and large volumes. Examples of some of the products developed by this division are:

The division comprises two sections: RedLinX Engineering and RedLinX Production.

RedLinX Engineering has the experience and capability to manage and execute complex technology projects that include mechanical, electronic and computer system engineering. Ergonomic aspects and logistics are addressed at all levels of design. RedLinX Engineering specialises in the ruggedisation of consumer electronics for use in harsh environments, but we also use these techniques to create reliable system level products for use in more benign environments. The engineering capabilities of this department are described here.

RedLinX Production has the capability to assemble about 500 systems per month based on current infrastructure and human resources. All systems assembled are configuration controlled. The serial numbers of all components are recorded in the company ERP system for traceability. Particular attention is paid to thermal management in assembled systems. The production capabilities of this department are described here.

Quality is particularly important to RedLinX. All design and manufacturing processes are controlled by documented procedures which are generated in accordance with the principles of ISO9001.

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