Return Material

Return Material Authorisation (RMA) Procedure :

  1. Before returning product to RedLinX®, complete customer and non-conformance details sections of form and send to RedLinX® by fax (+27 21 552 9299) or email (support@redlinx·co·za). This will help to process incoming product quickly once it is received and may also prevent the unnecessary shipment of product and associated cost.
  2. Please make sure the RMA Fault Report clearly states what is being returned. Preferably also provide a customer delivery note with items explicitly listed. RedLinX® will sign and return the delivery note to sender by fax or email.
  3. Include a signed paper copy of the RMA Fault Report with the product when shipped. This will ensure that similar items are not confused on arrival.
  4. Please make sure that all units to be transported are suitably packaged in the original packaging or similar packaging affording the same degree of protection. Units will not be accepted if not packaged correctly.
  5. RedLinX® will confirm receipt of product and notify customer of expected turnaround time. A reference number (Returned Goods Number) will also be provided for repair item tracking.

Click here to download the RMA Fault Report in MS-Word format.

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